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I don’t feel good about myself ?

My cousin is 2 years older than me and many people think she is more beautiful than me. Guys have also told me to my face that she is better looking than me. Just that alone seriously ruined my self esteem and made me so extremely self conscious. How can I stop looking down on myself?

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    You have heart, lots of it, or else you wouldn't be hurt enough to ask your question. Do you think your older cousin has the size heart you have? Probably not. You also don't say that you think you're skanky looking so you're attractive too. Keep WHO you are on a high level - be the best you that you can be, and you'll win guys over like no one's business.

  • You can start by not giving a crap about the unsolicited opinions of others, especially strangers or casual acquaintances.

    Take up a hobby, too.  Find something you enjoy doing that takes a bit of work and effort to become good at and get to work.  Nobody builds up their self-esteem or confidence by wallowing in self-pity.  You'll find that the better you are at something, the less you care about what others think about you.

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    So you think that women only have value if they're the best looking? Examine your own attitudes. Then look at successful, powerful women. They are often not the most beautiful women. I can tell you that when I went to my high school reunion, the "beauty queens" who married the football stars had had very boring lives, while it was the other women who had gone on to success in careers, plus very good marriages. 

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