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Is it hard to find a virgin girlfriend?

I am at college, just afraid to ask if the girl is virgin or not. Went out with several girls, but I am not getting in a relationship without know who they are. My friends are telling me that it’s very hard to find one and they have very high standards, also I have to be very rich to get a yes from them. Is that true? I really need one, nice girlfriend, just don’t want to be all alone. Do girls hate to be asked about that? 

Thanks for answers 

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    If you feel you must have a virgin, then look for the awkward, not very attractive girls. They'll be grateful for getting your attention and fall for you, even though you're a jerk. 

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  • 1 month ago

    As a college girl myself, I would find it weird and uncomfortable if a guy I've just met asked me if I was virgin. I'm a junior and I haven't had a boyfriend, but if a guy was to open the door for me or stare it me I would fall in love with them. Mostly because I might be desperate, and I'm always looking for a nice guy. I also find myself joking about finding me a rich boyfriend who I then marry, but I know that probably won't happen. I don't speak for all girls, but we don't really have high standards. All we really want is someone who is nice, caring, won't cheat, be interested in getting to know us and grow together, maybe be given some cute socks, and yeah. 

    I hope this helps. :)

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  • Write this down and commit to memory: I will not ask, nor is it my business what my girlfriend did prior to meeting me with the exception of STD's or STI's. Don't ask. It's none of your business. Seriously. This means YOU.

    Your friends are serial uninformed rubes.

    Here's the thing: "if" you actually meet someone who enjoys your company and fancies you (your screening process is a strong assurance that this will never happen) "and" if they happen to be a virgin, it's possible that they will choose to inform you of this.

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