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Dry Dogs Nose?

My dog is about 3.5 years old and we got her as a pup. We've noticed that the top of her nose has dried up and looks irritated and crusty. Ive tried doing research and found sometimes pets get like that from eating from plastic containers, however all her food bowls are metal. I had a thought that maybe shes been digging up dirt with her nose and thats how shes gotten it, but she never seems dirty in the face. We always keep her clean and regularly bathe her with Adams Flea and tick shampoo, and Hartz ultraguard shampoo. Hoping someone can help me figure out why shes gotten this on her nose. Ive taken her to the vet for shots and have brought up the nose but they didnt seem worried about it. Ive included pictures of her nose. 

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    See if you can navigate this site to get something like what your dog has. It's just images with many options.

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  • 2 months ago

    " We always keep her clean and regularly bathe her with Adams Flea and tick shampoo, and Hartz ultraguard shampoo. "

    There lays the answer to your dogs problem OVERBATHING:...

    Dogs should be brushed clean not bathed.

    By constantly bathng the dog as you say, you are washing away all of the natural oils it secretes to lubricate its skin and coat... Professionally im a shepherd and my dogs are bathed on a six monthly basis ( should they need it  only )...

    Otherwise they are swum clean and when dry brushed out..... Because they are swum in a local creek ( without shampoo ) they remain clean and their skin and coat also remain healthy.....

    Dogs have very few pores in their skin making it very different from human skin... those few pores secrete the oils the dog needs to maintain its coat and skin.... And then you bathe it and destroy them..... Hence the dry skin..... And the more you bathe the dog with shampoo too frequently, then the more. damage you will inflict upon its skin and coat put simply.

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    Source(s): Just an ole shepherd his dogs and stock....
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    • Veschengro
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       About the quality ( or lack of )  I in  all honesty, have no idea. As it is not sold in Germany where I live and work... ( Now I realise  also why ) All the same E..H. thank you very much for your input... I have learned something from it.

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  • 2 months ago

    What I would tell you is crawl back under your bridge, TROLL.

    If you aren't, you are a negligent pet owner who doesn't deserve to own animals. Apparently, going to a bar never crossed your mind.

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  • 2 months ago

    You're such a liar. If there was an issue with the dog's nose and you went to the vet they would have examined the dog and figured out what it was. CLEARLY there's something seriously wrong going on here.  And instead of getting it to a vet you're asking strangers to magically diagnose your dog and doing "research" online.

    Stop being such a cheapa$$ and get this neglected dog to the vet.

    But I hope you're a TROLL and not really regularly using Adams and Hartz shampoos "regularly"? Both have KILLED pets and bathing also does NOTHING to kill off the fleas since they don't live on pets.  They live in your pet bedding, you bedding, rugs, etc.

    So you're either TROLL or an idiot. Most likely, BOTH.

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