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Is he treating me to a date?

Online guy and I had been chatting for more than a week and I noticed that he would always reply longgg texts. So a few days ago, I said to him "maybe we can meet next Sunday", and now we are confirmed for Monday. Rest of convo:

Me: Perfect. Downtown is good. Where to meet?

Him: Ok, great, let me know your preference, I can then suggest places and you can choose. Do you prefer Japanese, Western, Turkish or Chinese?

Me: Aww thanks for being considerate. I'm open to anything. But from the list, how about Japanese or Turkish

Him: No problem, I try to be a good host. (gives names of two high end restaurants). Also, your options are not limited to the list, feel free to choose any other restaurant if you wish. I work near buildingA so anywhere is within my walking radius.

Me: You are sweet. Let's try PlaceA. See you there at 5:30?

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    The word "host" should mean that he plans to pay. But it depends how educated you think he is. Lots of people use words in incorrect ways. Since you're the one who suggested the meeting, you should at least be prepared to pay. 

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    probably but maybe you should bring your own money just in case

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