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Is there a teacher/supervisor for dorms at college?

Like profesor mcgonagall at hogwarts or something

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    You will often find dorm advisers, resident assistants, or resident directors. Their job is conflict resolution and assistance (for example for moving in). You can visit them for questions, queries, or for applications e.g. for leave, for bringing a guest, for staying out past curfew, etc...

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    In the US. RA are usually on each floor. They are upper class men. Junior/seniors.  They are not there to monitor students. If there is a problem or you have a question you can go to them. They help with move in and hold dorm meetings. 

    I have never seen a teacher living in a dorm 

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    Haha no. You do have a resident director and several resident assistants. They are the rule creators/enforcers and they help you whenever you need help.

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    There are RAs (resident assistants/advisors), who are usually upperclass undergraduate students.  There is usually at least one on each dorm floor, and they can mediate conflicts, provide advice, enforce certain rules, etc.  Dorms also usually have a Resident Director who is in charge of the dorm and supervises the RAs; that might be a graduate student or someone with just an undergraduate degree.  Some dorms DO actually have faculty who live in them as well.  That is something that was recently started in our freshmen dorms.  They are not there for policing and enforcing rules, but rather to provide an approachable faculty presence and provide more academic advice and insight.

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    RAs (resident advisors) are sometimes graduate students, and sometime people with a degree who want a cheap place to live. They're there to call the police if something happens, and to give advice to undergrads on adjusting to college. They are NOT professors. 

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    ifYes there are resident advisers who are students, and sometimes faculty members with families are resident advisers for some dormitories or floors of a dormitory. 

    My first dormitory was mostly a graduate dormitory, mostly people working on masters of social work. My friend was working on Doctorate of education degree specializing in  a speech pathology degree. The resident advisers were married couple,  both graduate students. My dormitory at the university of Arizona was had one RA. She was graduate student. There was someone in her 80s who was enrolled as a student who had a roommate. That dorm had sleeping porches, 20 to 40 cots in one room. There was one day bed in the dorm room.  Then I lived in the married students dorm, but half the for. Was single graduate student aged people. If we had an RA I never knew who it was or cared who it was.   

    IF you have not lived in a dormitory since 1980 or not been enrolled since the 1990s, you are totally OUT OF DATE. Not all dormitories have faculty members as RAs and mentors. 

    Housing is in charge of all the dormitories. Campus security is seperate. When I was I.  The married students Dom, my roommate was an internatioal law student going to Thailand and Bangcok. Housing asked me is I was willing to have an international student as a roommate on paper, and did I have a preference which country they came from. Yes , I was willing, France and England. My next 2 roommates were from France. Tulane has 2 year exchange program with other law schools. Because New Orleans is a major port, Tulane specializes in admiralty law..

    There was NO internet yet in 1977 or 1981. 

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    we had resident assistants when i was in the dorms and other people that were in charge of the whole dorm

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