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Is he leading me on?

This past Sunday, I asked guy if we are meeting Monday. He said he will confirm tomorrow because he's working until 5:30. I didnt hear from him and so I called him that night at 9:50 to chat. Through phone, he shared more info about himself and said "maybe we can meet Thurs or Fri". He was even talking about how if we are dating smoothly few months from now, we can meet parents. But I didn't hear anything from him yet about Thurs/Fri. Do I contact or wait for him?

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    He might be leading you on, but you don't want be too pushy. Ask him his favorite vine and if it true, you will know for sure. Definitely

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    make whatever plans you want to make. Don't contact him though. If you want to keep your slate clean, do that. If you want to make a nice plan that he can join you or not as he wishes, do that. If you simply find someone else to go out to play with, do that. Talking about magical maybes months from now? That's play pretend. It's not asking you out on a date!

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      I've no idea. Don't know the man and wasn't a party to your conversations. Tomorrow is coming! 

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