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I am a solipsist. Can you prove to me that I'm not the only person who exists?


Better yet can you prove you exist? 

Update 2:

@atomic- I disagree but you've thought it out more than most people ever would.

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     If you are the only person that exists then how did you get here? Some kind of ‘immaculate conception’? How were you conceived? You simply conceived your own existence? Or is your body just an illusion ? Why did you use your consciousness to create a reality which includes suffering and pain if all your circumstances are self-created? Having to wake up and go to school or a job instead of just consciously creating a life of ease for yourself, lots of money, etc.? And if it’s true that the only thing that’s exists is your consciousness, what do you see when you look in the mirror? If everything you see around you is created by your consciousness, why can’t you alter what you see in that mirror? Why can’t you see a different face every time you look in the mirror if it’s all a projection of your consciousness? Why can’t you choose to see a female body instead of a male body or vice versa just by consciously projecting that onto the the mirror? Why do you even need a mirror in the reality you alone have created with your consciousness since there is nothing actually tangible outside that consciousness to reflect light rays back to you so that you can  see an image of it reflected back to you in that mirror? Why can’t you consciously choose to be taller, younger, older, more muscular, sexier, different hair color, etc? I hate to answer a question with a question, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve really thought this through ...

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    at some point we have to go on faith

    does it even matter

    there is one way to find out but we're in no rush

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    Proof isn't necessary. Belief in what makes the most sense is enough.

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    If you're the only person that exists, then why are you asking. You're full of self doubt and have a vivid imagination. Where were you before you became self aware and what are you actually experiencing. 

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    what is the belief?

    Does it not come from authority and from the past?

    the solipsism that you believe does not come from now!

    Now there is another thing! It can be me!

    can you prove that everything that is in your head is not old?

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    I'm not convinced that either of us exist.  

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    No, but I don't know how you can prove that you need to prove it to anyone, either. Why are we having this exchange? Prove we are!

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    Here's one general process used to obtain vital information (in your case, towards realizing "I am not alone" or "I am not the One"; in other interests, such as statecraft, "torture").

    Presumably you understand that you are the only awareness (metaphysical solipsism).  Therefore, whatever you are aware of is your choice, your world, etc.

    Given your pre-solipsist question, "Can you show me? (which begs the question of "solipsism"), you have consented to being forced to be attached, by others, against your (post-your-question) will, to some kind of a machine which administers shocks or some other such negative stimulus.  (In "1984," this was for Mr. Winston Smith, rats in a cage.  For you, it might be waterboarding, cartoons of Caspar the Friendly Ghost, etc.--whatever you fear "most").

    You have agreed to this, perhaps signing a clear legal consent agreement, even though you later, as solipsist, resist being connected, because "you're the world."  Any contradiction or realization that "the Other" exists, when you're resisting, and supposedly solipsistically "doing it to yourself against your will? (as a next stage up from total hallucination/solipsism, to schizophrenia).

    Another person enters the room you are held in, and identifies herself as your "convincer."  You of course deny she exists; you may even consider her to be an hallucination, and your supposed suffering--which she controls and administers--to be an hallucination; at some point, you may ask the "convincer" for the suffering to be reduced...or, alternatively, you "pass out."  In the first case, you have admitted the effective existence of something causal outside yourself.  If, as you recover, you then begin asserting that the recent experience was an hallucination,--i.e., returning to your conviction of solipsism--then, as in the latter, second case (of your resisting asking any outside agency, begging for mercy, rather, choosing to "pass out")--when you awaken (or when you again begin claiming it was all an hallucination), the same "suffering succotash" procedure is repeated--then, after some indefinite length of reiteration, are you willing that the procedure continue?  If not, aren't you admitting something else beside your will and consciousness exists?  If you are willing that the procedure/situation continue, a la "No Exit," then your "willingness" may become self-evident as a lie; the spring weather outside, seen through the window...people walking and enjoying the its all your world, and you are the decider, why are you willing to continue suffering...and instead choose not to go and enjoy what you've enjoyed before?  Aren't you the master of "the world?"  You are justifying to yourself that you prefer suffering...even as you're aware of the whole rest of the world?  That's more schizophrenic, as a lie you're telling yourself...and you can't leave....Perhaps you'd like to read a copy of "Huis Clos" (what? don't read French? how did you write the play...and know about the French courts' legal term (the title for the play))?  You did such good work in "Hamlet" you not grow old?  All those books on physiology you've written....Perhaps by this juncture you have reached Rene Descartes' (a pen name for yourself, of course) realization that you cannot trust your awareness to be lucid-steady in a dream...remember the "Meditations on First Philosophy" you wrote?  Good stuff.  Am I complimenting myself? Me is you is me I am the walrus? I am the One. Do you dream now?  Why am I asking myself these questions?...Do I have the agency to make choices?  Perhaps leaving this square screen, the technology of which persists when I look away and then back, which is how I distinguish between waking consciousness and dreaming consciousness, how great must be my (your) past, constructing metal, mining it from the ground, melting it to make computer hard-drives, and it seems so effortless...perhaps I'll (you'll) use some of my (your) money to buy some items or go on a vacation, or both.  What a sense of justice I (you) must have, as billions of people seem to exist, yet the world is just as I held it to be, at my non-existent mother's breast.  How wonderful I am without father and without mother, no beginning nor ending of days, just like Melchizedek--didn't one of my favorite characters, Christ Jesus, portray what I Am--a priest after the order of Melchizedek...what a piece of work that was, my composing the Bible.  Should have not let the elephant pick his nose, ha ha...should have given it to the giraffe instead...whew! Are these animals hallucinations, too?  Six days and I'm ready for a Day of Rest; how did I create the Universe?  Hmm, let me think...what is Energy, exactly?  Being solipsistic isn't easy, if you're not Superman, or as one of my more recent "real world" characters, "Friedrich Nietzsche," noted, Christ and Buddha.  But I Am *that* I Am, am I not?  If I think not, will I disappear?  Is God?  Am I immortal?  Do I have a soul?  Perhaps having to prove self Is, is the stasis for the solipsist and for the questioner who not only states (as a Gedanken experiment, of course) that he is the All and Only, but then asks for some words on a screen that he will solipsistically note to be his own work; to prove they are of something else, another source....Such nonsense may begin with oceanic feelings at a source of nourishment, and then...if I'm discomforted...if my feeding schedule is 5 minutes late...I (you) begin to be angry with a world that is no longer oceanic.  Perhaps...solipsism is an immature function of helpless egotistical anger--and the most confirmed solipsist is the most stubborn and fussy baby who hasn't yet learned that the world doesn't revolve around her?  Perhaps the nutational function of what is Childness needs to be the first consideration for a solipsist--i.e., realize you're (I'm) not all-powerful, that long-ago emotions of fear and anger tend to promote the unbalanced and fundamentally absurd notion of solipsism....So, if I (you) read this far, how could you (I) think I'm (you're) the One? Can you (I) honestly defend solipsism? Would you sign a paper allowing this to be read aloud to you over and over (I wouldn't...but then, I'm not you)? No outside visits, Huis Clos? Be real; solipsism does not exist as other than a psychological aberration, a most extreme type of schizophrenia (the latter considered as a system). Etc.

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    Why would anyone care?

  • You don't exist...only I do.

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      This world ain’t big enough for three solipsists. You guys will have to fight it out. The rest of us who don’t exist won’t watch.

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