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Is leaving Los Angeles worth it ?

I live in Los Angeles, and would give almost anything 

to leave. I hate it here and would love to live in small 

town America. There are lots of places I can move to. 

There's Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara, Redding, 

Sacramento, Arcata, Lake Tahoe to name a few.

Is it worth living in the mountains, or by the beach? 

Thank You

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    Leaving California is worth it. It's one of the most expensive places to live. I live by the beach but love the mountains. People I know who live in the mountains want to live by the beach. I suspect where ever you live, it will be exciting in the beginning, but eventually you will lose appreciation for it. I rarely go to the beach, but when I go to the mountains, I spend days exploring them.

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    SO GO!!!!!! Only thing stopping you is yourself.

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    it is if you want to leave

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    Let God direct you. It's His will.

    I once traveled down the West Coast showing a slide show on the problems and possible solutions of the destruction of the rainforest after driving to Costa Rica and spending a year and an half there. Universities let me use the facilities in their student centers. I never asked for any money and took none with me. I stayed in shelters, camped where I could. It was thoroughly enjoyable and educative.

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  • Live in a tent out back of Baskin-Robbins.

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