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Why is the recent Star Wars movies so underwhelming  ?

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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens - The director of the Force Awakens decided to play it safe by not taking too many risks which explains why it would appear to be underwhelming, the Movie was meant to be small scale to build up to the next Movie.

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The director of the Last Jedi chose to build off of (And somewhat destroy) lots of what was created in the Force Awakens by taking risks with its characters and rising the scale of the Film while still playing things mostly small scale.

    The grand finale of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker is where all of the buildup and hype is meant to payoff at. Trust me, when I saw the Last Jedi I felt disappointed but when I later re-watched the film I understood everything better.

    Disney listened and has said that they are going to try their best to fix everything with The Rise of Skywalker. Keep your expectations low and you'll most likely enjoy the Rise of Skywalker.

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    It's hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice.

  • Ended terribly and was not part of the saga

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