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Why is my cat so spoilt?

I have a cat for the fist time in my life and it acts really spoilt and entitled. Every time I walk past it it acts like it knows I want to pet it (even if I don't sometimes) and then it makes this belittling noise and walks off.

It never lets me hold it for more then about 2-3 seconds because it always jumps away.

It's very entitled with food. I give it normal cat food and it wants a treat. When I don't give it a treat it cries even if it's had plenty of cat food a minute ago.

It sometimes randomly hisses out of the blue.

Why is it so spoilt? It's a rescue cat so we don't know how the previous owners treated it apart from the fact that's it's trained to use its litter box and that it was relatively healthy.


I feel weird saying this but it has a bad attitude similar to a spoilt kid. Selfish, entitled, unaffectionate. 

Update 2:

I don't understand how a cat can have bad behaviour if they don't have a sense of morality.

Update 3:

Or maybe perhaps contrary to popular belief they do have a limited sense of right and wrong.

Update 4:

@Barkley Hound, but I've seen cats that are the opposite of my cat. I've seen less spoilt and affectionate cats.

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    It is a spoiled brat cat.

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    1 month ago

    Take your cat to the vet

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    That is because cats own us and we own dogs.

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