Religion and Spirituality...Noah's Ark was smaller than the Titanic, let alone a modern cruise ship. How on earth did he fit all of those?

animals on board?

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  • Peter
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    4 weeks ago

    Where you say 'all those animals' what list of animals are you referring to?

  • 4 weeks ago

    He didn't. He took only the larger terrestrial vertebrates that he could find. Young ones,most likely, to make them more manageable.

  • Paul
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    4 weeks ago

    There aren't that many species in the Mediterranean area, which was the location of the great flood. The inland Black Sea is a remnant of that great flood.

  • BJ
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    4 weeks ago

    It is true that encyclopedias refer to over a million species of animals.

    But Noah was instructed to preserve only representatives of every kind of land animal and flying creature.

    Some investigators have said that just 43 kinds of mammals, 74 kinds of birds, and 10 kinds of reptiles could have produced the great variety of species of these creatures that are known today.

    The ark had about (1,400,000 cu ft) of usable space ample for the passenger list.

    The ark had a carrying capacity equal to that of 10 freight trains of about 25 American boxcars each!

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  • Goddidit, aka magic.

    Whenever something doesn’t make sense in the Bible, the answer is always”goddidit”.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Noah's ark didn't need to carry coal, make potable and feed water. It did not need a propulsion system or boilers.

    It had to be large enough to be able to protect the animals that would not have survived other wise that had sufficient DNA materials to replace a group of animals. Take dogs, which come in a lot of different ways- the ones on the ark would have been mongrels'  with the total DNA variants covered.

    They might have been "miniatures", like the so claimed predecessor of the modern day horse that is related to the miniature horses that are found in fossil records of North America.

  • Must have taken a who do we know in the miracle business

  • 4 weeks ago

    It's kinda like the story is just a myth or fables and did not actually happen.

  • God planned it all, dear.  Noah just built the ark.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You're fundamentally misunderstanding the point of view of those who take the story literally. If something doesn't make sense there is a very simple explanation - it was done by magic. Actual, literal magic.

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