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What does hyper capitalism mean for Australia?  When are whites going to be minority?

White Australia policy was abolished in 1976. White population declined from 96 percent in 1976 to just 76 percent in 2016 census.

Asian population surged from 1-2 percent  to 16 percent in same period.

The rate of immigration surged only from 2000 onwards and is not slowing down.

Inevitable white minority and Asian (Chinese/Indian) future.

No amount of birthrate increase will satisfy the capitalist class that wants endless population growth to keep GDP numbers increasing forever.

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    We are paying for Australia's economic growth with our trees, our koalas and our children.

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    hyper-capitalism means the rich get insanely rich, while the vast majority of other people is pushed into poverty, unemployment and uncertain jobs/housing.

    I have no idea why you drag skincolour into this

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    Capitalism does not mean much to Australians as most have no memory or have ever experienced socialism and communism . The way things are going it won't be long and whites will be the minority  

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      ideologies don't kill, regimes do

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