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Why would a twitch streamer make gaming their full time job?

Gaming isn't a job, so why do these people keep making it their job? What happens when they lose popularity? What will they do then, if they never had a job before in their life?

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    I've seen this happen a couple of times & it boils down to a few key things.

    1) They're streaming as an entertainer & NOT as a professional gamer.

    2) They doing it because it's generally MORE ENJOYABLE than their now-former day job.

    3) They have enough charisma & personality that people want to watch them.

    4) They can successfully market themselves, with a mix of Patreon supporters & commercial sponsorships on top of what Twitch's partnership / affiliation program provides.

    Some streamers that I watch know what being a full-time streamer isn't a stable income stream, but they still choose to do (mostly because of point 2).  The two streamers I'm watch happen to be in Canada, so the currency conversion is favorable to them (as $1 US = ~$1.32 CAN).  One of them went full time because they couldn't handle a situation at their job (they were a bartender & were asked to clean a restroom that had somebody's blood all over the walls) & resigned on the spot.

    Some other streamers may have a different reason on why they went full time, but they eventually "grew" into things.  If they couldn't make a living doing this, they would like return to the labor force (either part-time to supplement their streaming income OR full-time to replace it)...  HOWEVER, that's for the streamer to figure out.

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    majority of their revenue comes from ads and being a partner of the streaming service.  as they get more popular, they get more revenue from ads.  or people can subscribe to remove ads and pay more that way.  

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    Because they want to and can. 

    If it dries up they'll have to come up with something else.

    If you can make money on it, it's a job.  That includes gaming.

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