In Dire Need- Someting I Can Use, that My Dua Becomes Accepted🆘?

salami I needed to know what I can d to having a better chance of my dua to get accepted. You see, I'm in a dire situation were Allah decided to cause me a sickness which renders me straight up psychologically damaged. I get pretty much depressed and confused all the time because of it, I also lose my free will at times because of it. I know Allah tests the ones whom he loves, but not this shockingly? I don't get the suspense in this trial. It's like I can't even be in the right mental state. Is That just my experience, but I needed to know any surahs I could read,(also informed of tahajjud and other prayers, etc), I could read so that my prayer gets liable to getting accepted.

 Like multiple surahs, I could read in a session of the Quran, nothing specific i'll read if you suggest any line of surahs...

Or other than that supplications I could say, 

It's for sincerity, its a very grand dua

I would like to be informed by a scholar its hard to in my community. Please reply how do you get your dua answered, in the way you want to ! Please give me some secret tips right now, because I have like something really important I need from Allah. Please, If i can get this dua fulfilled then My Life Is MUCH more better, anything that has worked for you ( i know about sincererity, constant, asking,and doing good deeds, and tahajjud for dua to work but ineed more secret tips)

Jazakallahu khairan

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Read this Ayah of Al Quran at any time you please. Ammai yuyee bul musdarieza daah  wayak shi fuz zuai. Then say Slawat. Insha Allah Allah will cure your sickness.

  • "If i can get this dua fulfilled then My Life Is MUCH more better"

    May Allah ease your life & grant you what you wish for ---- BUT, you have to remember, that just because you think your life will be better through that, does not mean it will be. Many people have received what the world envies them for, and it ended up destroying them, their life, their hereafter and their loved ones. And the destruction was even more severe than that, because all that they lost ended up causing the severe pain of regret, and Hell will never end. Realize then, that Allah is not the slave, but rather the King. You (and I) are the slaves of Allah and as a slave, you can ask, but the response (though guaranteed for dua without shirk) will not always be what you want. Our knowledge is nothing, He knows best what we need & what is best for us. RESPONSE to dua can occur through many ways, which are all mentioned in general books on the topic. I am only responding to clarify your false assumption that if you got what you wanted, life would be better.

    Some times, life is better with extreme sickness and even death - if that prevents you from sin and eternal damnation for example. Sometimes poverty is better, if wealth would have made you a tyrant, losing both this life and the next. So, in everything, there can be great harm that we as humans cannot always understand. You want something secret ? Rather, this is enough for you, sister and it is the Complete solution & there is nothing better than deeply understanding this:

    والله يعلم وأنتم لا تعلمون  - Allâh knows and you know not

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Prayer will do nothing.

    See a psychiatrist; doctors cure illnesses.

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