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Chance of getting herpes?!?

I had unprotected sex with my bf of 3 years for the first time. never done oral to him (he’s done oral to me) and he told me last week he slept with a girl who did have hsv-2. I freaked out on him and forced him to get tested. i’m not gonna lie i’m scared to which is why i’m here first. we only had unprotected sex once, he didn’t have a outbreak, or any symptoms but i do know it can still be transmitted. i have no symptoms either.  

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    Genital herpes is not really that big a deal anymore, there are lots of drugs available that can keep it under control and most of the time, people just don't even have outbreaks even without drugs. You might as well have freaked out if you found out that your boyfriend had chicken pox at one time!

    The statistics show that 11.5% of American men have it, while 23.5% of American women have it. More women have it than men, because the soft tissues are closer to the outside with women. And most people don't even know they have it, because it's under control by their bodies.

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      He said he’s never had symptoms but he did test positive for hsv 2 meaning i’ll set my own appointment. i’m really worried though i wish he would have told me earlier. he had no outbreak or anything when we had sex though.

  • Herpes isn't always automatically passed on, he would have to have HSV2 in order to have any chance of giving it to you. If he does have herpes, and didn't have any signs or symptoms of a break out at the time, then your chances of getting herpes is very low.

    You're aware he cheated on you.... but good on you to make him get tested. If he wants to be with you he shouldn't be cheating on you.

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      he tested positive for hsv2 i’m waiting for my appointment now and i am freaking out i have literally no one to talk to about this either. i have no symptoms or anything rn...

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    I would get tested to be sure but I believe the risk is quite low if he was not symptomatic at the time. It isn’t worth the risk of not getting tested though

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