DO trinity believers or whatever way the like to say that Christ is in fact the ALMIGHTY (JEHOVAH) GOD HIMSELF.?

, but you still think that Jesus must really be almighty god (or a part of the almighty) and as equal to the almighty god. you also must believe he like playing words games or those words used in relation to Jesus about being created or the only begotten son have different meanings to all other times they are ever used.

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    they pretend that he is both Jehovah and the Almighty. There's a difference. Originally, the Most High God was El, or Elohim. People purposely rejected him in favor of the god of Israel, YHWH.

    So yes, they do.

    The New Testament makes three foundational claims about Jesus Christ:

    1. He is Jehovah incarnate (Isa. 9:6,7), but not the God he worships and prays to.

    2. He is the creation of God (Elohim).

    3. He is the begotten son of God.

    I wish more Christians believed what the Bible actually says about Jesus Christ.

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    This is now the 50th version of this worthless question/statement. Your putting me to sleep. Can't we have a question on creationism or God's sovereignty, or predestination.................. How about how to guide your teen thru dating............ or how about how to have disagreements with your spouse in a Godly way. How about the ways God answers prayer and/or how do you know your praying in God's will?

    Does it always have to be some lame question about disagreeing with a person who may embrace the doctrine of the trinity??? IS THAT ALL YOU GOT????

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    Yes, Jesus is God.  Jesus' disciples recognized Him as God.  So did a portion of Israel recognize Him as God.  Jesus called Himself God.  God calls Jesus God.  That's one of the reasons the chief priests and Pharisees decided to crucify Him, for Jesus claiming to be God. 

    Isaiah 9:6 says, For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given.  And the government will be on His shoulders.  And His name shall be called, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 

    It's not a matter of word games.  Greek is a precise language.  There are four different words for love:  Eros, Phileo, Storgae, Agape.  Each means love, but different types of love.  In English, we have one word for love, "love," and by context, we know what kind of love we're talking about. 

    The word "son" in reference to Jesus being the Son of God, that word "son" is "bar" -- Chaldean, I think -- and it means, In the likeness of, having the character or nature of.  Jesus, being God, does have the character and nature of God, because He is God.  Not unlike James and John being called the sons of thunder.  Their father wasn't really thunder, but that was their character.  Judas was called the Son of Perdition, son of hell.  Barnabas was called Son of Encouragement because that was his character. 

    Jesus said Himself, I saw satan fall from heaven like lightning.  In order for Jesus to see that, He had to be there.  And since satan fell from heaven before Eve ate the fruit on the tree, Jesus was there before that too.  And He said so. 

    Jesus is God.  He says it numerous times, in various and sundry ways. 

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    Yes, Jesus is God Almighty.

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    God didn't send an Archangel to die for our salvation.  That's nonsense

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    Well, yes, the doctrine of the Trinity does say that Jesus IS the almighty God. We often call him God Incarnate, meaning God having taken a human body.

    Naturally, that human body was created, because all matter was created. But the divine Person whose human incarnation we know as Jesus was not, according to the first chapter of John as we understand it.

    As for "only BEGOTTEN son," that phrasing was meant to distinguish between Jesus and the rest of us, who are often called children of God. The language used is based on an underlying analogy, because that's all we have when trying to describe divine matters. The analogy in this case is between a biological child and an adopted one, and that's why the word "begotten" was used to describe him.

    Of course, that has to be an analogy, because the Father (as Jesus called him) is spirit and has no biology.

    The language gets complicated because we believe that Jesus is divine (again, with John 1 as one of our main reasons for that belief), but we believe in just one divine being, almighty God (as sorted out by the church in the fourth century, when they discovered some were interpreting Christianity as teaching a form of polytheism).

    I can live with the fact that some Christians do not accept the divinity of Christ. That's not the orthodox or mainstream form of Christianity, but it's okay with me if others believe that way.

    It's up to them to figure out if they're going to be intolerant of most Christians.

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    i think they're only returning to their former theological stance where many gods 

    made more sense but many gods being one god could also apply .

     The supernatural isn't that confusing - many times understanding and comprehending the Judean Christian god gets this response from the believers " God is supernatural and can do anything ". What amazes me is when Christians explain that atheist lack comprehension of said god because their god is beyond comprehension they ARE - at the same time claiming to comprehend said god .

     No one is arguing that . Atheist argue evidence of this god is lacking 

    and appling  supernatural qualities isn't evidence .

     Jehovah is one of many Gods having origin from Mesopotamia ' Yahweh was taken from Enlil or Cheif of the gods . Jehovah is a branch that then spouts . El Shaddai was the All Mighty god and God of the Holy Mountain . Like when Moses went to the mountain to see the All Mighty Skydaddy who talked thru a burning bush .

     El Shaddai can be referenced in Genesis 17/1 as "All Mighty God" translated from the original text of " El Shaddai " .

     So with all these  gods being and becoming one it's not uncommon he could morf 

    back and forth from one to many 

    and you know these supernatural gods having a son means he's - Them > Himself >

     and all gods before either god .

     Gods only get more magical with time and never less magical .

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  • "And the Word was made flesh". John 1:14

    “In the language used flesh means, by synecdoche, to become a human nature or man (cf. Luke 3:6; Romans 3:20). 

    He took upon Himself not only the nature of man, a nature capable of suffering and sickness and death, He became like a man in all except only sin”

    Yes Jesus Christ was God, the eternal logos (The Word) made flesh

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