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I am a 40-year-old man who gets nostalgic about the day he graduated high school, as well as the carefree days that followed. Is that normal?

Keep in mind I had to attend summer school four years in a row (after 8th through 11th grade). So when my grades improved during senior year, and I actually graduated, I felt so free... especially the day after graduation at my classmate’s cookout. I just couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t have to go to summer school, and that I was 18 and free to run my own

life with no worrying about my mother yelling at me about school. On top of that, not to sound conceited, but I was very handsome according to women who have approached me. So that summer after I finished high school, as well as my early 20s ahead of me, left me with so many women to just do what I want without worrying about commitment. Now that I’m 40 with responsibilities such as my health, bills, and so forth, I get in a depressed slump. It’s weird, because I was so happy when I entered the real world: graduating high school. But now I realize the real world is only fun when you still live with your parents — because you don’t have any bills, and you don’t have a curfew nor have to explain where you were. Also, 18 to early 20s is okay for man to live with his parents, so you’re still desirable to women. Don’t get me wrong, because I live on my own. But I can’t help but think of the reality about me no longer being young with no stress.

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    Many people reach adult responsibility only to then look back and realize that despite the constraints of living with parents life was actually easier than. Sounds like maybe you focused too much on being "free" and "attractive to women" and not enough on building a career and earning a living.

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    SURE WHY NOT??......

  • marty
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    4 weeks ago

    Its obviously normal for you, doesn't matter what others think. I don't ponder the past,  I'm retired now with my son running the ranch and I enjoy life more in my retirement than I ever did while young. Now I have a beautiful wife and large family so I'm never bored or alone.

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