how do you get nerves of steel?

like i have an anxiety disorder, a personality disorder and ptsd- im a man in my early forties and there has been many times where ive faced difficult situations, like early there was a fire in my apartment block, thankfully a minor one...and when i phoned the fire brigade and the housing trust i'm with, i got panicked, shaken, i hyperventilated and i had a panic attack and my composure was all over the place...

 i felt very angry with myself and others over i know i'm very mentally strong, as ive been through a lot in life, and got through battles many people couldn't of coped with.......but i was so angry that i got so panicked, hyperventilated etc and my composure was all over the i always try- in spite of my mental conditions- to have nerves of steel........but i can never quite manage it?i'm british as well, so how can i get that nerve of steel and stiff upper lip like i so want?

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