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Explain how Mill tries to account for the fact that many people seem to prefer the lower pleasures at the expense of the higher pleasures. ?

Do you agree with his assessment?

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    Nope, YOU  explain it because it is YOUR assignment and your teacher expects YOUR answer, not ours. You are seeking the lower pleasure of avoiding your schoolwork vs the higher pleasure of pride in personal achievement.


  • j153e
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    So-called "lower pleasures" are more self-evident, more reflective of the simple life such as Mill noted in his servants, don't you know.  Fine, and as Mill was also "shielded" from the other, rather common children, guess what?

    A distinct awareness that superior people may perceive more superior or refined or higher pleasures (happiness is perhaps a better word, as "pleasure" for even philosophy instructors may simply = material girl in a material world shtick.So, it's a question of education (Mill's social-ist bent), don't you see?  Many may become superior--it simply asks more cultivation of the Good, the pure, and the True.


    p.s.  Example of lower pleasure:

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    Example of higher pleasure:

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