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I'm 27, unemployed, and don't know what career I want.?

I got married at the age of 17, and 3 kids later, still married to an amazing man man who supports me in every way.

I have my Bachelors in Nursing, and worked as a nurse for 2 yrs but hated it so much, that I eventually quit. But I was a damn good nurse.

I feel by now I should have my life figured out and I don't. I don;t know what career suits me. My husband makes enough for me not to work, but I don't want to waste my life away as a wife/mother only. I need more.

A little about me: during my college days, criminal justice classes were my absolute favorite. Social sciences are my strongest areas. But didn't pursue as I saw not that many jobs and if any low -paying. I know it sounds horrible, but I want something prestigious/challenging/good prospects/and good paying 70K +.

For some time, I thought of medical school, but hated healthcare during my time as a nurse. so who am I kidding? Most docs I talked to, advised against it., scary. From time and time again I compare myself to my BF from high school who just started her residency. It's weird sometimes I feel like I'm chasing her dream, not mine. Why?

 I feel tired all the time, like I have nothing to look forward to. I always pictured my self doing great things, being successful, yet I feel as a failure in everything including being a wife and mother.

I read somewhere, (and there is a lot of different types of suffering for different reasons), that "one of the worst sufferings in life, is not knowing what to do". 

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    First, don't make this harder on yourself than you need to!  I've seen several well done studies over the last 5 years that indicate the average person changes careers - not jobs, but careers - about 4 times.  When I think of people I know in their 50's and 60's, this has been proven true.  So don't think you have to go into overdrive to make up for lost time.

    Also, you might be complicating this by thinking in terms of a prestigious job.   Why not take that out of the equation and pursue something you'll love?  If you don't feel fulfilled, the solution is to find something you love and where you'll make a difference.  It isn't so you can compete with your bff. 

    Here's what I suggest.  Community colleges can be a great source of info and they're usually willing to help people like you, since they're taxpayer supported.  Make an appt with a career counselor.  Some even offer testing, which is a fun and fascinating process.  On the criminal justice stuff, be sure to talk to them about this.  My sister got her degree in it, and now 15 years later, she's thinking of running for city council (it would take too long to explain her career path on this, lol).   Another random thought:  if you like hospital settings but hate patient care, what about going for your MSW?  No, this isn't prestigious, but you really need to force yourself to get past that.   It's not about bragging rights; it's about you finding happiness and doing something you love.   Besides, you already have bragging rights.   How many moms your age don't have to work, or even don't have a husband?   Yes, you had kids way too young, but somewhere along the line you made some extremely good choices.  If you can't see this, maybe some talk therapy would help you sort it all out, because this does have the power to distract or even derail you.

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      Wow, thanks for taking the time to respond to me! I really appreciate your advice, and you sisters example. I have been thinking a TON about a dual JD/MSW. Also, it's good to know that the average person changes career 4 times, that makes me feel better, lol. 

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    You have time and you will figure it out.

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    As a wife and mother of 3 you are not unemployed, you just do not have a job outside the home ... which is quite all right.

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