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Why do I sweat for no reason?

Since high school, I've always had this problem.. I sweat (armpits) really bad for no reason. Even when I'm cold and shivering. My high school use to be freezing where you had to wear almost a winter jacket around the halls and I still was sweating. I can't find anything to help.. I've tried women's deoterent and men's deoterent. The only thing I found that works a little is secret clinical, but it's expensive.. Like last night, I had on a t-shirt, hoodie, and sweatpants. My bf (being a man) puts his hand up my shirt and mentions to me I'm sweating really bad, but my body felt warm to him. To me, I was still cold.. I have low iron, but why is this happening?? 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You need to use anti-perspirant not deodorant. The Sanex or Sure brand works really good

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