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I’m scared I screwed up our relationship?

The other day my boyfriend & I had a big fight over something stupid. We were gonna watch a movie that he already watched some of & I wanted to start from the beginning since I hadn’t seen it. He said no but that I could watch the beginning without him & we could watch the rest together. I was adamant about watching the whole thing together even the parts he saw already & we had an argument over it bc he didn’t want to. We kept arguing over it that he ended up not seeing the movie that night bc I wanted to watch everything with him. It turned into him yelling at me to leave him alone so he could watch the ending and I kept telling him only if we saw the whole movie together. He’s never yelled at me before like he did or ever yelled at me actually. I deeply regret my behavior and I told him I am so sorry I should’ve just let him watch the movie & I’m sorry things had to get out of hand. I also realize I caused him to get super angry to bring out a side of him he’s not like. Mind you, I might have been a little intoxicated from drinking a little too much earlier. I told him I was gonna change tho I don’t doubt that his yelling was also inappropriate. I realize that it was my fault for persisting and insisting over something silly. I feel so terrible & I’m so upset w myself & sorry but after that night he said. I really never want this to happen again & will make sure I never do. But idk if things will ever be the same and I hate myself so much for this. What should & can I do?


I’m scared he will break up w me for it. We’ve argued before but it never got that bad that he was yelling at me and that our argument lasted hours.

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    Well it sounds like you were acting annoying like a little kid but he could have watched the movie again for your sake unless he hated the movie. Apologize and let it go and try not to push his buttons again.

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    Not sure why he wouldn't just start the movie over again, unless he had an important meeting to go to afterward, but i really doubt he did.

    No reason to hate yourself because your boyfriend is anAsshole

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    What a childish pair you are. Fancy going into paroxysms of anger over such a stupid trifle. Well, you have both discovered things about each other than you both never knew before. I notice that you have decided that it was ALL your fault and that the boyfriend was Mr.Innocent in the whole thing. Why is that? Are you two not equal? Would it have hurt him to see the bit he'd seen before? Of course it wouldn't. You've thrown yourself at his feet and apologised profusely. Did you get any sort of apology out of him? I doubt it. Don't set yourself up to be the constant underdog & doormat who is ALWAYS in the wrong even when you aren't. That he is always Mr.Innocent if anything goes wrong in your relationship. Also - Why are you going to change? Is he going to change as well? You'll have more arguments the longer you stay together. Perhaps you've both learned a lesson. Save your REAL anger for something worth getting angry about.

  • Kelly
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    You sound young and naive because this is a lame fight/argument.

    That's something petty to be breaking up over.  If he breaks up over something that small well... eff him because he's not really something worth keeping at that point.

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    This should be a small thing. Yes you probably should have just watched the beginning alone, but he overreacted big-time, and I personally think he should say he his sorry too for getting so upset about it. This should never have been that big of an argument, and it definitely should not be ruining your relationship. I would give him some space and time to cool down, and you should not feel that bad about it. It was equally yours and his fault, you could have backed down, but he also could have just watched it with you. Hopefully you guys can work it out, but don't let him guilt you for wanting to watch a movie together with your boyfriend. there is nothing wrong with that. best of luck!

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Just put extra effort on the next BJ and apologize for your nasty attitude....spit suck style should work

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