I live in pakistan;i want to ask which medical examination is done to get Australia (student visa). ?

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    IF you are accepted by a university in Australia, the school will provide you with details on applying for your student visa. Same goes for schools in other countries. Medical testing routinely includes tests for drugs, communicable diseases such as TB & HIV/AIDS, debilitating medical conditions which could require ongoing medical care. No country will allow long-staying guests, e.g. foreign students, foreign workers, to put citizens' health or healthcare service systems at risk. 

    Expect urinalysis, blood tests, chest x-ray, measure height & weight, blood pressure - all the standard tests any doctor would perform for an annual physical exam. Since TB, especially multi-drug resistant TB, and HIV/AIDS are rampant in South Asia, you can be certain these are tested for. Any other specific contagious and/or debilitating diseases common in your country/region will be tested for. 

    Why are you so concerned about which tests are done? It's much the same as for any routine physical performed by your physician. 

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      HIV/AIDS is a big problem, often grounds for visa denial. You need to maintain your medical regimen under care of your current physician. Costs of prescriptions you take will be extremely high, insurance will NOT cover. PROVE you have 1000s of dollars a month for medical costs.

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    You first apply for admission to a university in Australia. Once you are "accepted" as a future student the university will help you with the visa application.  That includes providing advice on the medical exam requirements for the visa.  

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        Medical Examination (Adult, Child) – Doctor will perform Urine test, height – weight, eyesight, ear by looking, throat check by looking.

        Chest X-ray Examination (Adult Only)

        HIV or AIDS test (Adult Only) ...

        TB test.

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