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full question in the description!!! ?

Nafisi, Pieper, Wallace, and Socrates all relate truth to freedom. Explain this relationship??? 

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    Being truthful can help make one substantial/strong

    and if one is truthful, one is unlikely to become criminal if committed to honesty

    because one would not lie under questioning

    therefore,one would be more conscious of one's actions. 

    (I once kept a Buddhist vow of not lying - for 7 years

    and gradually greater temptations escaped my attention

    plus I had many remarkable and highly unusual, seminal experiences

    due, I think now, to becoming over time, free of self - doubt. )and some   hypocrisy .

    There was a high social  price to pay in ordinary life though, because

    most of our perceptions and actions are based in compromise, one way or another.

    My mind was  certainly very free,  at that time.I realize these last things in hindsight ,

    Good question - helped me look back in surprise, 

    and also to discover what it was all about for me.

    Caveat - I could not manage longer than that.)

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    NO, YOU EXPLAIN IT because your teacher expects your answer, not ours. 

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