What's the cause of my back pain?

About 4 weeks ago i started noticing a slight pulling pain on the right side of my middle spine when i would do a crunch motion to get up. The pain got worse within a few days to where i can't bend the middle of my spine very far forward without feeling the gradual pain that gets worse the farther i bend. My spine is also sore to the touch in that spot. I'm not sure if the pulling pain caused my spine to be sore or the other way around. If I'm standing straight up there's no pain. My only guess as to what could have caused this was I leaned that part of my back on something for a few hours one day. It hasn't improved any day to day for this 4 weeks. Any idea what this could be and what I could do for it? Thanks!

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Sounds to me like you need to see a physiotherapist. They can provide you with stretches tailored to you which may help get that movement back

  • k w
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    4 weeks ago

    most likely, a mineral deficiency, BUT you still need to move your body, bend stretch,

    moving will help them joints.......

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