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I am dreading Christmas, how do I shift my focus away from family and towards religion and charity?

In family while my dad side is excepting of me they are small, I have two ants and that’s all as my grandparents of died and there are no cousins as both and aunts are single with one a Catholic nun. I do get together with the one who’s a nun a lot as I’m religious myself also. The other one we see frequently to.

My mom side is a lot larger and I have 21 cousins. They are not welcoming of us because of issues with my mom. This hurts at holidays. So this Christmas how do I shift my focus away from the family dysfunction and towards religion and charity?

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  • drip
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    3 weeks ago
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    What is wrong going to your dads for Christmas.     So it is a small gathering. What difference does that make.

    There are plenty of charities who need help. Pick one.

  • Gary
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    3 weeks ago

    Spend time with family anyways.

  • Cammie
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    3 weeks ago

    Christmas week work in a soup kitchen or food bank. Try handing out men's socks with little bottles of shampoo and hand cream . Add a peppermint stick and a little cash.Just go where a lot of home less people are and start giving them out.

    Go donate blood and ask if they need volunteers on Christmas day.

  • martin
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    3 weeks ago

    Pray more. Volunteer at a soup kitchen run by the church. Attend services and socials at the church.

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