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God is real that’s why some are born rich and beautiful and others poor and unattractive. Isn’t that part of Gods plan? Some people suffer? ?

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    Stop with the"God's plan".  There is no God!

    What are your plans?  

    Make a plan for yourself.  

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      Make a plan for myself? Sleep cause I cannot be fücked to do anything else lmao

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    The mixing of two arenas is problematic, the spiritual arena and the material arena.

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    GOD really does make everything 'fair' using a proportionate 'grace to sin' ratio, (Romans 5:20).

    When we are born into beauty and privilege, grace is scarce and decisions have little impact in changing our lives. We have to try VERY hard to screw ourselves over. That is how it should be, since GOD wants us to be healthy and prosperous by obeying Him. The worse suffering on earth is the kind that results from abusing that accomplishment. Our blessings become a 'curse' to us, like when a life of deviant sexuality or drug abuse leads to lying in a hospital bed kept alive indefinitely to suffer with a disease that has no cure but plenty of 'high tech treatments.' 

    We would have been better off born with a cleft lip, mocked by everyone around us and living in abject poverty, since both are reversible with compassion from the wealthy and prosperous, (as long as they share their blessings rather than abuse them). That is an example of 'grace' arriving in proportion to sin. 

    You should never be deceived into believing that GOD doesn't Exist or that His Law is inherently 'unfair.' That is the basis of ALL foolishness and the evil thing that taints every good thing, causing suffering itself, even when we no longer possess the intelligence to recognize this folly as the source.

    "The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." 

    They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good." (Psalm 14:1).

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    False premise ,false are very ignorant

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      I already do unlike you DUMBAŠS

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    God creates life, existence, and Universes.  

    It will never be God's intention to impart misery,  

    sickness, good fortune, or wealth upon His creations.  


    He gave them ‘life’ to live, succeed, or fail as they will. 

    God would never diminish the freedom 

    that He has given you with a "plan". 

    No one sits at the controls of your life ... except 'you'.  

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      Oh sweetie I think of others all the time, you just assume I don’t because you’re a perfect Christian. A judgmental ašshole like the rest. Very weird, very nasty people who think they know everything. Extremely strange behaviour and very weird to assume I only think of myself

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