Right receiver for 1980s Kenwood Speakers?

I have an old pair of Kenwood Speakers with 14" subwoofers.  About 9 years ago I had a pioneer receiver made in early 2000s maybe and I could shake the house because the speakers could just rock!!

Anyways, I just bought a new $150 Sony receiver and it sounds good, but the bass isnt as extreme as it used to be and it just dosnt get as loud overall.  I am assuming this has something to do with the cheap reciever?Could someone please explain this situation to me.   Is it the problem?, Why would different receivers make a difference, and what would you suggest i buy?

If a model number is needed, or the information sheet it has ill gladly provide.  

Thank you!

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    The difference in performance is probably because your new receiver has an amplifier with a lower power output - not as many watts. 

    It may be that the impedance of your Kenwood speakers differs from the ideal impedance for your new receiver. Using 8 ohm speakers on a system designed for 4 ohm speakers will halve the watts (That does not mean half the volume in decibels but it will be less).

    Another factor is that you no longer have as much control over the sound output. Audio equipment used to offer you full control in shaping the sound by graphic equalisers or controls for the treble and bass output.  Many would also have a 'boost' button to enhance the treble and bass at low volumes.  Such controls are rare on modern audio equipment.  There is often a choice of EQ settings so you may be able to choose a different sound balance.

    For serious hi-fi equipment, you now have to go to a serious hi-fi shop where you can expect to pay VERY much more than your new Sony receiver cost.  On a positive note, I am sure you neighbours are glad you can no longer rock the house quite so forcefully :)

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      Look at vintage receivers on eBay. Maybe you'll find another like the one you had. Good brands other than Pioneer are Harman/Kardon, NAD, Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Kenwood, and pre-1980 Sansui. Electronic condition is paramount, so paying a bit extra for one guaranteed by the seller would make sense.

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