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What should I do now that this price tag switcher knows I’m on to her?

At my TJ Maxx, this woman comes in at least a few times a week to switch tags between a cheap item and an expensive item and try to return the cheap item. We get her every time. Anyway, she came up to my register once last week, I did a return item lookup of all her items, and sure enough, nothing matched. So I told her she had to return them at the TJ Maxx she bought them from. So she stormed out. Yesterday, she came back, got up in my face, and said, “Remember that return you denied last week? I came back 3 hours later and they were able to do it for me! That is not right what you did!” Now, I’m not sure if that means if they did the return after she put up a big fuss or if another cashier just fell for her scheme, but still, what should I do now that she knows I’m on to her?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    She's lying to you, or she got a particularly stupid associate the next time she came. All you need to do is ask her if she wants to see your manager. The manager can handle abuse like that, it's their job actually.

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    You did the right thing. Just enforce and restate company policy that the price of the purchase and return has to match the receipt. If she complains make sure your manage will back you up on this policy.  For the other store, ask your manager to contact that manager to make sure the same receipt policy is followed so she doesn't harass you about it.  But you are right to say that other store failed to follow store policy.  You can also tell her that if she wants discounts, there are plenty of items that get marked down.  She doesn't have to switch tags and break the law to get a discount.  Tell her that for every item she buys very cheap on a discount, that's already saving half the price. So consider that a discount on the other item she wants to buy full price.  If you buy more bargain items, that's the same as getting money taken off.  It comes out the same.  Return frauds is a legal violation the same as shoplifting, so advise her against this because you would like to see her in the store not in jail.

  • Eva
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    4 weeks ago

    Report her to your manager. All sales associates should be made aware of who she is. The next time she tries her scheme the police should be called, and she should be banned from the store.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You're at least making her spend more time before she can rip off TJMax, good for you.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Store manager and/or loss prevention; if you havent told them yet, you arent doing your job right.  

    Be very prepared for them not to care very much.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You are a CASHIER.

    You are not there to make up company policy.

    I am 100% sure your job is NOT to deny people to do returns when they meet the qualifications for the return.

    WHY?  Because TJ Maxx is not such an idiot that they would place their cashiers and their customers at such risk over a few dollars stolen as part of the return.  What if she decided to shoot the place up!!??!!

    You need to learn your company's policy.  It might be to call your manager or call asset protection. 

    What should you do now? the job you were hired for.

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