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My puppy only misbehaves with strangers?

I have a 10 week old Jack Russell puppy who I've had for about 2 weeks. With me he's gotten really good at not biting, however there is the occasional play nip when he gets excited. Now all I have to do is snap my fingers or clap loudly and scold him and he understands. However, with strangers he bites them nonstop and sometimes hard. I know part of the reason is he's excited because he LOVES seeing people, however even when I snap my fingers and scold him it doesn't phase him. 

I understand he's a puppy and they bite, but being a JR he's started nipping at ankles and he loves when people walk away from him because of that herding instinct. I try and scold him when he bites other people but he doesn't listen, and no one else feels comfortable scolding my puppy. I've tried redirecting him to chew on a toy, the people yelping and pulling away and ignoring him, but nothing seems to work! How can I get him to not bite others?!

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    Jack Russell terriers are bred to hunt, not to here and your puppy is showing a very high prey drive.  I suggest you seek a professional dog trainer, one with extensive experience training terriers, to help with your issues.

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    Almost all puppies bite and mouth at people and if people are so weak willed they allow it, even though the owner asks them to correct the pup, then its their fault if they get nipped.

    Most all pups do love seeing new people but.......Keep the pup on lead when strangers are around and don`t allow `strangers` to pet your puppy. Its not essential for strangers to actually interact physically with a puppy to socialise it. At 10 weeks old he should not yet be out in places where there are strangers though. He needs to have had all his shots, to be out in public places and on the ground. Carry him if in a public place.Correct the pup on the lead if it tries to chase after strangers.

    The pup needs to learn HE is NOT the most important, and to behave itself with new people it sees. This will not be achieved if you let every Tom, Dick or Harry pet and play with your puppy.

    So, keep him leashed and ask strangers to ignore him as he is being trained.

    Walk him on the leash among people and crowds once he has had all his vaccinations, but do not allow anyone to touch him. Correct him if he lunges towards them, and put him in the `sit` position.  Always Reward good behaviour.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 56 years. (UK)
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    I think he has social anxiety :/

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    It is just a puppy & ALL PUPPIES BITE!!!!!!!

    You are using the wrong corrections to stop the pup from biting. Google, "stop puppy biting" & learn how to stop the pup from biting.

    I bop the pups nose, the tender skin just behind the nose. How hard you bop the pups nose depends on how serious the biting is. If you bop to softly, it is not a correction, if the pup sneezes after the bop you can use a little less power behind your bops.

    Some dogs will only need a tap to get the point & some dogs that are already adults & bit, I use my fist on the nose. Serious biters need more powerful bops.

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  • Maxi
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    You manage him, that is how you stop him......and a very easy way is to put on his lead and let it trail, so you can step on the lead and correct his bahaviour...with a pup so young ( as well as older dogs) praise works far better than a 'correction' so give him a raw carrot in exchange for fingers/ankles, so he understand  chewing is not bad, it is just chewing/mouthing certain things like humans.......... like human babies who put everything in their mouths and this is a way they learn about the world around them, pups do the same and you are right excitment is the reason, they get a reaction from people and that makes them more excited ( and excitement is not the energy you need as it is reactive) you need thinking energy and that is calmness...the lead controls the pup and you don't have to say anything so you reduce the excitment/reactive energy

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    He's a baby....and a teething baby.  He will bite and chew because he has to.  Just keep on keeping on as you have been doing and eventually he will learn.

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