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Why do jews stick together so much?

Liek in Hollywood and stuff, this is not supposed to sound anti-semitic I am genuinely wondering


Personally i'm Scottish but I don't look for associations with other jocks on purpose

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    This is an affiliation they share, partly through religious belief, partly through social conditioning and traditions.

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    I find the majority I have known to be  great people but they`ve been beleaguered for ever...

    hence they stay together and their religious faith can be very palpable too..impressive.

    The non -religious tend to maintain values, astonishingly

    because  our values are pressured from the top-down political scenarios 

    and change accordingly, I think..I have not researched

    if that's `good` or not

    but I somehow expect that the crime rate amongst the Jewish is  quite low.

    But I don`t have any real knowledge of that - just that 9% of

    the Jewish folk I have known have an inner honesty.They are unpopular

    due to being strong, business like.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Most people do indeed spend time with those that they share something in common 

  • 3 weeks ago

    i don't know why, but i love the jewish people and i support makuya group in my country. they are lovely people with such a sense of resistance

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