If Bruce Wayne ( Owlman ) and Lex Luther actually switched roles in DC Comics / Animation how would each fair with their situation ?

If Bruce Wayne ( Owlman ) an more evil sinister Batman was in Metropolis and had Superman as his antagonist would he be a far better and efficient villain than Lex Luther has .

If Lex Luthor with his money and Powersuit ( or whatever needed ) be a good crime fighter in Gotham City with Batman rouges and Lex Luthor may get a few sidekicks for the city .

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Owlman does something suicidal to put an end to Superman but the good guys always wins.

    Superman (Using Batman's words): I'm not going to kill you... But I don't have to save you.

    Owlman: It doesn't matter.


    To be honest. Superman is almost as fast as The Flash. He can strip any normal speed human of all their belongings before they can even form a thought. Lex, Batman, Owlman, etc isn't a match for Superman no matter how much prep time they have because they don't have the speed to execute it before Superman can tag them. DC just love dumbing Superman down to give these guys a fighting chance.

    • I Am Male.3 weeks agoReport

      I don't know. Ask DC comics. They're the ones writing the story.  Sometimes, DC Comics makes Superman so strong that Lex is not even in the story anymore.

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    3 weeks ago
    • Carlos3 weeks agoReport

      That was an alternate Earth and was ( Owlman), Clark Kent , Diana ( Powergirl ) , Wally West , Hal Jordan , 

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