I had a dream. Can you interpret what it means?

I had a dream and I remember a lot of detail about it. Which is so cool! What does this dream say about my identity? Thanks

It's a world like Gotham City. People have powers. The ultimate measure of power was how high someone can climb (roof of a house or as high as Eiffel Tower) The power depletes depending on how high a person climb. If they are too high, their power starts to not work. The more powerful you are, the higher you can climb. 

I keep my powers discreet, I can climb really high. Powers leave a neon imprint of a persons name but goes away after awhile.

I was at a party. I saw a good looking guy and I wanted to get to know him. I introduced myself, his name was “VICE” 

We started dating and I didn’t know the kind of person he really is. He was out for vengeance. He was out to attack my family. My mom said something was wrong. Then, I investigated. I followed Vice around and saw that he was plotting an attack on my home and he was cheating on me! haha. 

So, I started to attack him. We started on Lower ground first. But he started climbing and I was not backing down. I climbed up too and followed him while trying to attack him. He climbed so high that I thought I will never reach him but I did it very easy. I didn’t know how powerful I was until then. I finally killed him. He left a mark saying “VICE WAS HERE.” 

News spread to the town. A friend approached me and said “he was planning on using you to attack the TIMEBOMB” (The name of my home)

Then I woke up.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I asked one joke question about dreams, now I have this newage pseudo science shite recommended to me all the time

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