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How long remain a painting in the wall?

2-How long a linoleum last?

3-Can you paint the house without move all the furnitures?

4-How to know if the painting is good?

5-How to clean painting? Which product?

6-What's a noise in the electric panel?

7-Are fuses with 10,3 x 38 and 10 x 38mm

the same dimension and will work the same? In the same slot?

8-How to clean superbonder glue?

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    1. Depends on the quality of the paint, but most people get bored with the colour long before the paint fails.

    2. Depends on the wear it gets - couold be up to 40 years

    3. Move furniture to middle of room - you need to clean behind it anyway

    4. You look at it

    5. White bread can work, or detergent in water -  it is usually less effort to repaint

    6. Loose connection

    7. Usually interchangeable

    8. You can get solvent, or remove mechanically.

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    please ask only one question at a time and provide details. for your first question -- my response is 'indefinitely'

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