Are bergenia & helleborus truly evergreen?

I purchased about a dozen bergenia & helleborus from a nursery. They were listed as evergreen, but now almost all of them have curling, wilting leaves & some of the leaves are turning brown.

I know I suck at gardening, but surely not that many are dying. This is just another thing in my life that I fail at. Can’t do anything right & wish I’d never been born

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  • Andy
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    1 month ago
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    Both are truly evergreen but can/do experience some leaf damage in the winter, especially further north where the winters are colder. I don't have a lot of experience with Bergenia but I have tons of Helleborous. The Helleborus leaves get pretty ratty during the winter but the plants do remain evergreen. I cut off the old leaves in late winter/early spring as they are blooming and putting on new foliage.

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