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My sister was arrested at 15 for falsifying a police report. She's guilty but charges were later dropped after a warning. Why drop charges?

Why do police drop charges on someone who is guilty? They have the phone call and proof of her guilt. Plus she had assaulted someone. She was a bad teen and has sadly grown up into a bad adult.

Why do they drop charges on someone guilty of a crime?

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    Because she's a stupid little child, and a female. Ironically somebody like her isn't technically worth their time. It would be considered a petty offence if anything, and something she would hopefully learn from, and be a better person in the future.

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    First the police do not drop charges, the District Attorney decides to drop charges or not. Some of the reasons can include the offense is to minor to justify the time and expense of a trial, or they do not think they have a strong enough case to get a conviction. And sometimes they drop charges so as not to hurt a minors future.

  • why bother pressing Charges against someone who you think is unlikely to reoffend? giving them a criminal record just makes them more likely to reoffend.

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