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Can I give reference of my colleague in a company I am yet to join?

I am going to join a company.Can I give reference of my colleague(who is in my current company and who is not of my profile) to my new company asking them if they have opening for that profile?

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    If you mean referring a friend for a job position with the same company you are in process of joining, yes, I do this all the time. I have applied for jobs concurrently while recommending friends to apply at the same time. Some being more qualified for higher positions than mine, which the company appreciates as well.

    Just don't misrepresents your skills, their skills, or your relationship.  Whatever makes you think this friend would be a good candidate and contribution to the company, stick to that which you can say honestly and it has validity so you both look good. If you say anything that turns out inconsistent or questionable, it makes you both look bad and harms your ability to apply for that job or others.

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      I meant that recommending company to consider my co- worker for job that fine?

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    Your post is poorly worded.  "Opening for that profile"...what does that mean?

  • Anonymous
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    yes  and it is about my colleague

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