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If life dealt you a raw deal and you got screwed by people all your life, isn’t it ok to laugh at them when they die?

Or dying? 

I love it. I have no compassion for anyone anymore. My friends are not really friends and I never had a real true friend on my life. I’m 38 and people have been fake all throughout life. A few times I even had a relative try to kill me with a knife. 

Women all throughout my formidable years of adulthood laughed and teased me. Finding a good women was/is impossible. They all were sluts and a girl in college made me feel very stupid for thinking about her. 

Never was able to get my foot in the door for some good jobs and instead had to settle for warehouse. 

I’m slow in getting my degree as I never learned how to study till later in life because when I was young, the house was not a stable environment to study and better oneself. 

Basically, I’m just admitting I’m a failure in life and the truth is it wasn’t ALL my fault. Family played a huge roll and people on the outside left a scar of hate on me. 

So in the end, when these people become broke, homeless, or dying slowly, how come I can’t enjoy it like they enjoyed me?

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  • Matt85
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    4 weeks ago
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    Good luck with your degree. You sound like you could do with some therapy or a few hugs.

    • K4 weeks agoReport

      I’ve been saying it for years. Yes we ALL die after ww3 but that’s the good part. The world needs a cleansing. I just hope I can see people die before I go. I love watching people die. The people who decked me over in life. Their death will be like porn. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    True story here. Mio used to think like this. Not anymore, though. Still sorta hate people to an extent, but NOT to the point where I'd laugh at them over something happening to them like that.

    • K4 weeks agoReport

      I hope I see a fatal car accident

  • K8
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    4 weeks ago

    How sad............

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