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What is this Christmas movie?

I just briefly remember a Christmas movie from when I was young and can’t remember the name of it but wanted to watch it. I remember it had the 3 Christmas ghosts, there was a bike they had to peddle to get the Christmas lights come on and there was a character I think his name was stacks and they showed him covered with snow and it seemed like the snow caused something to be wrong with him. I think he may have been some kind of heating vent/heater or fire pit of some sort)

Oh and I’m pretty sure it was a kids movie. 

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    Scrooge ((?))...

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      I would assume It’s some type of Scrooge movie but unsure which one as there are so many different ones. I’ve even seen a muppets one, just don’t know which one this movie is : (

  • 4 weeks ago

    When Good Ghouls Go Bad 

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      It’s a Christmas movie, not a Halloween movie. Also When Good Ghouls Go Bad is nothing like what I described. 

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