Steel Specification?

Can someone please explain this steel grade/standard/specification. 

 ST 3K 32 BK NK 

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    what country?

    England, steel specs all start with BS followed by a 2-4 digit number.

    US SAE are all 4 digit numbers

    international UNS numbering system is a letter followed by 5 digits

    European Standard for steel is a single letter followed by a number.

    however, a google search turns up this:

    St3, St30, Stal3 (or Stal30) are different designations of one particular type of steel - 0.30% Carbon content and no additional elements, enhancing the performance. The official GOST (GOsudarstveniy STandard - the Soviet/Russian State Standard) designation of the steel is Stal Marki 30 (Steel Mark 30) 

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