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Why did America choose its allies over not going to war in WWII?

I understand that Japan attacked us and so Hitler had to declare war. However, why did we ever fight so much in Europe? Why not just defeat Japan and show Hitler he chose a poor ally?

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    Because if Hitler had won the war in Europe he could have become a serious threat to the US. Also, preventing genocide is pretty cool.

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    The USA declared war on Japan and it's allies! Which is considered the way it is done.

    Then Germany (because it was allied with Japan) declared war on the USA.

    The USA in returned declared war on Germany.

    The USA was loosing several thousand shipping tons to German U-boats already in 1939 421,000 tons, some of which were on US flagged ships. The USA could not ignore these losses and just fight Japan. It had to also protect US commerce in the Atlantic ocean.

    The reality was that Germany was already committing acts of war by sinking US commercial vessels long before it declared war against the Tri-Axis powers.

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    Europe was in greater peril from the Nazi empire than America from the Japanese.  The Nazis had control of almost all but Britain and Britain got a reprieve when Germany turned its sights on the USSR, it was nearly exhausted.  The Nazis had tentacles in South and Central America. Having Franco as a silent partner was an assist in slipping spies into other Spanish countries and needed goods and information about the US out. It could refuel the U-boats too. Once Germany swallowed Britain, it would have control of the sea and that was a threat to the "greatest democracy", the 2nd greatest seapower, the USA.  The US had to meet the greater threat by strengthening Britain and then fighting for the liberation of Europe, including the oil rich Middle East.

    Japan was a small country with an over extended empire in the S. Pacific. All that sea their planes and ships had to cover to keep it under control! The German navy helped a bit; but it seemed their interest wasn't in the South Pacific or in strengthening the Japanese, else Germany would have tried for India and Australia. Japan was more tenacious than the Allies believed them capable, so the US may have thought subduing her could wait until the greater threat was neutralized and the USSR could help with Japan. Subduing her first would not have weakened Germany and Italy, who had no colonial assets there but French Indochina. 

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    Albert Einstein informed President Roosevelt that Germany was trying to develop a nuclear bomb... they needed to be stopped as soon as possible.

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    Because USA wanted to have an undue influence on Europe after the war.

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    There was a policy of non-interventionism: not wanting to get militarily involved in Europe. Pity they didn't think about that when they were tacitly backing Hitler against Stalin in the 30s. Read Bradley W. Hart's book "Hitler’s American Friends: The Third Reich’s Supporters in the United States" to see how conflicted the States were. Bizarrely you can also see how the same situation arises in Iran and the Middle East where the CIA loses control of situations. 

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      There was (still is) the policy of making money out of other people's wars.

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    I guess you are dont know about the AXIS power alliance between Germany Italy and japan. Japan has part of that alliance chose to attack the americans, knowing full well that the attack would bring the americans into the war.

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    It seems you have very little understanding of WW2

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    Europe was the real target. Roosevelt had been setting the stage to get involved in a conflict against Germany since around 1937 but he couldn't get the support he needed from Congress. America "had no dog in that fight" and getting involved in someone else's conflict was a waste of money and lives.

    To get his way, Rosevelt provoked Japan into an attack on Pearl Harbor (a US Possession at the time), thus bringing the war to America's back door - forcing the hand of Congress to allow Roosevelt to sacrifice innocent lives in Germany.

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      You wouldn't understand - it takes someone smarter than a cucumber.

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    Why does America ever go to or join a war? They want gains or to stop somebody else having gains. Recently, it's always seemed to be about oil. At the end of WW2 they took on many German scientists, many scientists whom likely contributed to the deaths of millions, to improve rocket technology just to name one. They allowed German scientists to play them on their shallow selfish greed. Their reaction to a military harbor being attacked was nuking cities full of children.

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