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Are there any good metal songs where they have normal voices?

I like a couple heavy emo bands and want to get into more actual metal songs but all their voices sound weird... I don’t wanna be the person who says I like heavy music but not listen to any of it and yeah so if anyone could suggest songs where the singer sings normally or doesn’t have a weird voice. What I mean by that is not that I don’t like yelling cause that’s good and growling is good as well I think like I can handle that but I just mean it’s a little weird when I can’t tell what they’re saying or they just have some weird tone to it?? Idk how to explain. I like a couple songs from slipknot and the singer is good he as a normal voice and I just listened to Metallica and iron maiden (I feel like they’re probably a lot different to slipknot but idk??) and the beat was really good but when they started singing it kind of bothered me.. not to be rude or anything sorry if you like them. But yeah just any metal songs you like pleassse put them down or if you could help me get over the weird voices because that would allow me to listen to a lot more songs lol

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    there are many subgenres of Metal.

    i would start with Alt-Metal, like Soundgarden and Deftones and Stabbing Westward.

    most metal screams or growls the words.

    this is why we have liner notes.

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    Emo is not metal. 

    Look the way metal works, you arent a fan if you dont like a full album by a band. I am not a fan of Rush or Tool. I have albums by them. But thats only because I always like to know what the enemy is doing. 

    Know what I mean? Tool may suck, but who says I cant borrow an idea or production technique from them. 

    Here is my list:

    Ion Dissonance

    Faith No More



    And dont just "Spotify" them. As that is not trve fandom. Sit down and force yourself to listen to an album by at least 1 of those bands. j

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    Try Rainbow from when Dio was singing for them, as well as Dio. You may also like Pentagram.

    As for songs, "Man on the Silver Mountain", "Holy Diver", "Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram).

    You may enjoy female vocalists like, Ruby the Hatchet, Lucifer, Blood Ceremony, Crystal Viper.

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    Try the originals - Black Sabbath (specifically the first four albums to start with) and Deep Purple.

    The both have good music with good vocals.

    Have a flick through each of these sets:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

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