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How many times a day does your cat pee if he is on dry food?

My cat was on wet food only and he was like a peeing machine - 4 times a day minimum. Now he has skin problems and is on cortison pill  and special allergy diet - i give him hill's and they do not have wet food bits in liquid. they only have severely overprised pate which my cat licked twice and then refused to eat so it is in a dumpster now. Yesterday he peed once. He does drink water i saw it. 

Please no raw dieting advices comments


are there any cats owners who can actually  ANSWER THE QUESTION how many times does their cat pee a day? on dry food

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    Not very much. All my cats are on canned but I cat sit for people and cats that are fed kibble only pee 1-2 times a day. Clearly they are not getting enough water.


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      thanks for the answer, I got him allergy wet food from internet now

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    He should be urinating an equal amount. If he is not urinating as much, he is not drinking adequate water. The main problem with dry food is that cats who eat an exclusively dry diet often don't consume nearly as much water as they should. This is because cats rarely drink much water in nature, getting their moisture almost entirely from the prey they eat. If you're going to feed a diet that's primarily or exclusively dry, you need to find ways to encourage water consumption, such as using a cat fountain, soaking the kibble in plenty of water or low sodium broth, etc. Kibble-fed cats often suffer urinary problems over the long term, developing crystals or stones in their kidneys or bladder, urinary tract infections, and other problems. 

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    Are you sure your cat does't have fleas? Fleas can cause skin issues, scabs, and crusty areas along with the normal expected itching. If so, use Capstar or Nitenpyram (generic) to get rid of the fleas, along with whatever vet suggests for the skin. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpeting to kill eggs and larva. 

    The only thing is that a steroid med will also cause more urination. 

    We use a mix of dry, canned and water mixed together to make a stew-like mix. Cats get most of their liquid within their food. The fact that your cat was urinating a lot might have been due to the allergy and the body was trying to get rid of whatever he was having trouble with.

    If your cat isn't eating, he won't urinate much - not a good thing. 

    Have you tried normal cat food that doesn't have much grain in it, along with some Omega 3's? I don't think urinating 3 or 4 times per day would be too much, and would actually be each 6 to 8 hours.

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    My cat was peeing and ejaculating all over the house everyday.  I discovered that he had a difficult upbringing and suffered from emotional issues.  Cognitive cat therapy was very expensive but well worth it.  He is much better adjusted today and we're all happier.

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