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Has the world learned its lesson? After WW2 it seems no one has the guts for a global conflict anymore.?

Has the universal unwillingness to lose tens of millions of men to a meat grinder finally made large scale conflict a thing of the past? Luckily (in a relative sense) all we have to deal with now is smaller regional wars.

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    Thermonuclear weapons changed the game completely for everyone.

    It would not be tens of millions sent to the meat grinder, it would be everyone vaporised including the leaders. 

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    War never changes. It just shifts. It's economic, political, social, socio-economic, etc. now. Why waste a million man army when your opponent is in cyberspace? The advent of the internet and computers changed the battlefield.

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    There is no lesson to be learned.

    Nature needs the population to be reduced every so many years.

    Today it is Homosexuality, Transgender etc.

    Expansion happens, the flood of migration from decent land, lousy government, to a new government, new land (US) which will become the same as their homeland once too many overpopulate the "golden land".

    To many new people means no mixing, as if they don't already flock together.

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    There has never been an all-out war between nuclear powers. Think about that. Even Pakistan and India have toned it down since the Pakistanis got the bomb (not that I'm happy about them having it). The real question is how long can humanity keep it up.

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