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“Corrupting unto the core” Is this sentence correct?

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    it is a phrase, not a sentence.  It is not faulty in terms of grammar but it is not the only possible grammatical way to express the idea (that depends on context), and I cannot tell if it is "correct" (as in true), of course.  I see from comments that it is poesy. Grammar sometimes can be ignored for poetic purposes.  Art is not science, art allows us to bend rules for the sake of expression.  Sometimes the rule-breaking is actually the point.

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    It's not a sentence. It has no subject or main verb. It's an adjectival phrase. A complete sentence using this phrase would be "Donald Trump's administration is corrupting unto the core of the Republic."

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    3 weeks ago

    It is fragment of a sentence, but as far as it goes it is OK, 

    'unto' is a bit mannered , so 'to' would be be better.

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    Corrupt to the core is the right sentence.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Poetically, Yes.

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    It's not a's a phrase. There is no subject, which is why it's not a sentence.

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      For foreigners a longer phrase is a sentence

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