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Tips on how to stop binge eating?

I have a serious food addiction. Some of it comes from my depression, because whenever I feel depressed I overeat. But, my food binging isn't just emotional. Even when I have really good days when I'm in a great mood, I still eat a lot because junk food tastes so good and it feels weird to me to just be doing things throughout the day and have periods where I'm not eating. I'm trying to lose weight. I have even found an easy workout plan that works for me and that I love, but I just can't stop overeating. I'm not trying to diet, because I know that diets don't last and that they usually make you more hungry. I'm just trying to start with eating less of my favorite foods and doing intermittent fasting. I do well with the fasting part, but I have a hard time eating less, whether I'm depressed or not. What can I do to stop this? This is been going on for years and I'm tired of being overweight and having my body being hidden under layers of fat. I want to be me. Please help me.

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    First, look into seeing a therapist that specializes in eating disorders and/or addictions. You need to work out ways to deal with your depression besides eating (which only exacerbates the depression when you see you're putting on more weight).

    Another thing to do is stop keeping junk food in the house. It's harder to overeat when the things you tend to binge on aren't right at your fingertips. I LOVE junk food and fast food, and have been obese (years ago). I don't keep those things in my house. I do occasionally treat myself, but otherwise I stay away from it. It's less tempting to pig out on salad greens, fruit, baked chicken, or green beans (some of the things I keep at home). 

    Drink LOTS of water. It helps you feel full, so hunger is less of an issue, and bingeing doesn't have the same appeal (when your belly is full of water). 

    Otherwise, it's simply a question of will power. You are 100% in control of what you put in your mouth. You're the only one who can make the choice to stop the binge eating and stop over-indulging in junk food. That doesn't mean you have to completely give it up, but you have to decide what you want be at a healthy weight or to indulge your cravings.

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    There is a lot of information about How to Stop Emotional Eating online. And yes, the food tastes good... and the taste is also about emotions. We are trying to fill some void with good tasting food, but as you know, it doesn't fix anything.

    I hope you'll try some self-help for binge-eating and emotional eating. You can also consider a therapist.

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    Know that processed foods are high in salt and sugar content.This means calories and addiction.Yes we constantly crave sweet and/or sour.So start to cook your own meals with fresh vegetables and fruits.Soups,stirfry,quiches,all kinds of salads with plenty of filtered water.Eat white cheeses only like cottage, ricotta, Greek Pot Set yoghurt(plain) and mix into recipes and fruits like blueberries, raspberries,strawberries,gold kiwi fruit, fruit salad etc.Use your imagination.The more you eat fresh whole foods the less your craving for salt and sugar.You will also see a reduction in weight.

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