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My girlfriend wants to take it slow and be friends at first then be a committed relationship how long does this stage usually last?

We've been together for about a month and a half now (our 2nd relationship) a few weeks ago she said that she wants to take it slow and be friends at first then transfer to a committed relationship is because she wants us to get to know each other and we got back together a week after her ex dumped her so she isn't ready yet and she's still hurting also she said that she doesn't want to waste a good thing by going fast because im the only guy who treated her right. She regrets not telling me earlier but we were so busy in love I have no problem with this but I just want to know how long does this stage usually last 

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    As long as it takes. I went through a similar situation and honestly I felt pretty bad for making him wait so long but I wanted to be 100% ready and sure I wanted to commit given I had just been through a toxic relationship and I did meet him unexpectedly quite soon after. Almost 2 years ago I started talking to him end of September I believe and we didn't make things official until December. We are still together and making him wait was the probably the best thing I did for myself because it reassured me that he did really want to be with me and he was willing to wait for me and now we are at the stage where we are ready to move in together and start the next chapter of our lives. It may feel like forever, but if you think she's worth it, don't give up, good things come to those who wait.

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    It might last, it might not. And why would you get together with someone who just went through a break up? She's probably still emotionally attached to the ex boyfriend, and doesn't even know whether she's all that attracted to you yet (because of the attachment).

    We dont' just toss our feelings into the trash after a break up. We need time to recover and get past our feelings

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    There is no usually about it.  It can last from days to years.  But one thing I know.  A fast growing tree is weak and rots quickly. Useless as the foundation for a house. One that grows slowly produces strong long lasting wood that is resistant to many different problems.

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    Get to know her for another month or so and then get her drunk.

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