What does it mean if I'm an Aquarius but I have a LOT of Sagittarius placements in my chart? ?

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    Your "Sign" is only your Sun Sign. It is one out of 40-50 astrological INFLUENCES (yes, only influences) found in your personal unique natal chart.

    Each of the 10 planets represents a different facet of your personality and a different inner need. And our personality, emotions, behaviors are driven by our needs.

    Sun is our need to like ourselves, to feel good about who we are. So when someone has Sun in Aquarius, they gravitate towards Aquarius-type behaviors as a way to try to feel better about themselves.

    How easy or difficult it is to meet this need .. that depends on how Sun interacts with (aspects) the other planets in the chart. The more square and opposition aspects Sun makes with other planets in the natal chart (these aspects are shown by red connecting lines), the more trouble they have securing a sense of inner fulfilmment and self-esteem. This is because those read lines means that their Sun-need conflicts those other needs, creating inner stress, and making it hard to meet either of those needs.

    The green/blue lines indicated internal harmony (sextile/trine aspects) and any harmonious aspects mean that those two needs support each other ... when you pursue one need it clears the way for that other need to also be met.

    Of course, often a planet has some harmonious and some conflicting aspects, so that in SOME ways, it is easy to meet that need, but in others ways the person acts against their own best interest.

    So you have Sun in Aquarius. ONLY Sun.

    If you have a lot of planets in Sagittarius, you have a lot of needs that you try to meet by using them in a Sagittarian way.

    At it's most basic:

    - Aquarius is an Air Sign .. the priority/style is on logic and detachment and objectivity.

    - Sagittarius is a Fire .. the priority/style is on enthusiasm and adventure (and in Sagittarius, this is specifically optimistic exploration ... either outer or inner/philosophical). Not nearly as detached as an Air Sign, since enthusiam always involves our emotions.

    - Aquarius is a Fixed Sign ... their method of action is to try to avoid change, which makes them stubborn but also gives them the ability to endure a situation until the situation inevitably changes.

    - Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign .. their method of action is to question themselves and/or change their direction. They worry and may change their mind a lot, yet they are very flexible (and Fixed sign styles are NOT).

    Aquarius is ruled by Uranus: the planet of seeking individuality. They seek to be independent, to think independently, to act independently to feel independtly. If Aquarius planets are badly-aspected, the person tends to mistake rebellion as independence, and this can make the their own worst enemy.

    Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter .. the planet of how we network with others. So there is NOT this huge drive for independence ... except for the freedom to explore. This is part of why Sagittarius planets are open and receptive to others. Opportunities in life come through our connections, and Sag is the prime connecting drive in anyone's natal chart (we all have Sagittarius somewhere in our natal chart .. the only difference is how strong it is, what areas of life we apply it to, and if we have planets in Sag it is what needs operate in a Sagittarian way).

    I did not cover conjunction aspects for planets. These occur when any two planets are no more than 8 degrees from each other, even if they are not in the same sign. In other words Sun at 28 Aquarius is only 4 degrees from a planet at 2 Pisces, so those two planets would be conjunct each other.

    Of all the possible "aspects"/distances between any two planets the conjunction is the strongest influence on us. Generally it has a positive influence, but some of the "malefic" planets have both a positive side to the conjunction AND a negative side too.

    Fortunately, astrology is only an influence on us. It controls us only if we have no self-awareness and no control over ourselves. And no matter how much inner conflict a birthchart may show (and ALL charts have SOME), we CAN learn and grow and outgrow that conflict. Because ultimately, we are the ones who are able to take charge of our own actions and reactions.

    So while the natal chart cannot predict how someone will BE, it can help us understand why they do what we see them do. And while it will not tell us if we are still like our birthchart, we can see the underlying influences on our behavior, and decide which we will follow and which we will slip away from. Astrology is an excellent starting point for self-awareness and inner growth.

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    Nothing at all

    Just that you are an aquarius and you have Sagittarius in your hart

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    Not much at all can be said really. It's a bit like asking eg,what does it mean if my car has a 2 litre petrol engine with some black leather seats.

    In order to try to answer your question - if you know your time of birth, look to see which house your Sun is in. Then find out what this house represents to you in your life; this is where you look to find some sort of sense of self importance and uniqueness. Do any of your Sag. planets make aspects to your Sun in Aquarius, (sextile, 60 degrees away). If so, they may enhance your Sun's needs when necessary, (coaxed into action when needs arise perhaps).

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    You resemble Fire in demeanor or feelings.

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