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I,m old, & need to be careful about purchasing a car for $4K. On fixed income so a car not too costly for tires, repairs, etc. Suggestions?


Thank you all for your answers! Very helpful!

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    Any GM vehicle with the 3.8 liter motor. 2000 to 2003 model years.

    Pontiac Grand Prix

    Pontiac Bonneville

    Chevy Impala

    Chevy Monte Carlo

    Buick Regal

    Buick Park Avenue

    I've gotten over 280,000 miles on my last several Pontiac's and still sold them running for $1000.

    If you find one with 100,000 miles it's got a good 150,000 to go!

    Brake lines may need replacing and I'd have the ATF and ATF filter changed when purchased.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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    The 4k you spend buying the car is the cheapest part of car ownership

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    An older Toyota is your best bet, even a Honda. If the seller can show you the service/oil change history, and prove that its been serviced regularly through its life, then the mileage is not important. 100k miles is high for a car that hasnt had regular servicing, but 300k miles is easily attainable for a Toyota that has been serviced regularly. Any model really is good, and you can get a good sedan for well under $4,000. Transmission isnt so important with the older models either, they were all very reliable. By older i mean from 1994-2007

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    When you find the vehicle you like, make arrangements to have it Audited by a Licensed TECH (preferably a Dealer Trained for that badge).

    This reduces the chance of a surprise.

    For the last 30 years I have only purchased under 4k$US vehicles (2).

    I expect to put another 1k$US into them over the next two years.

    In my state under 4$US are sold used "as is", no warranties.

    I buy 4 more rims and have matched snow studded tyres installed for quick change over (and no rebalancing, after the first).

    Works out for me.

    Advantages: Lower Insurance, no collision coverage (I bank the equivalent money in savings to earn interest, never needed to use it. I have 20k saved)

    Advantage: Lower or minimum (50$US) Property Tax

    Reliability, except for battery replacement, not much from when I owned New cars.

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    There is not much difference between a 2K and 4K car. So try to find one for 2K and keep 2K for repairs. What you want is a 20 year old car with about 150,000 miles on it. One owner who maintained the car. What I would do is go to a Walmart parking lot and look around. Take a look at the person who owns the car, and if they look decent, talk to them. If if is a little old lady, she knows other people and somebody has a car that they want to sell, but haven't.

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    A used Toyota or a Honda. preferably with a stick (manual transmission).  Make sure the heater is working at least.  Take the car for a test drive for 15 miles, stopping and restarting every mile for 10 miles.  Drive the last 5 miles on the freeway at freeway speeds.  If it can make the 15 miles, it will make the next 50k miles.  Good enough for $4k.  And get the seller to smog it before buying.

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