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Why did he harass me even though with my male friend?

I was on the train after midnight with my guy friend going home.  There was this homeless looking man who kept following me all over the trains. Then started to hit on me, said I was gorgeous and that I should sleep with him, play with his thing. Even though I covered my face and didn't want it, he continued harassing me 20  minutes straight. I started leaning against my guy friend to pretend that we were a couple so that the homeless man would just go away. But it did not stop him from continuing to harass me which im somewhat surprised. 

My friend thought about just beating him up but I also reminded him that he is without sleep for the past two days so he won't win anyways. Some other guys on the train ended up being him up then threw him off the train. . 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Honestly you would have to ask the homeless man why he harassed you while you was with your friend..

  • 4 weeks ago

    I'm glad that got resolved. In my opinion, if someone is sick enough to harass you like that, they are also sick enough to not care who is around you and who can see them.

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